One Couple’s Story of Living with Cancer
By Ed & Loretta Williamson
A look at realistic faith and modern medicine intertwined in a story of love, pain, triumph, anguish and miracles.

No Other Name is a documented life-changing journey of pain, triumph, anguish and miracles as Ed and Loretta chronicle their most difficult challenge, cancer. Woven throughout these pages are incidents and experiences that illustrate how God worked in their lives. They share answers to the barrage of ‘why’ questions they and their children personally faced in their 22 year battle with Loretta’s cancer. Walk with them through the valley of the shadow of death as they discover new depths of faith – not a magic potion but as refining truth. They hope you, too, will find comfort from the immutable Word of God.

No Other Name offers multiple perspectives, including Ed and Loretta’s children. Initially as young teens and later as adults, they give compelling accounts of the effects of cancer on their family, their faith and their family’s ministry. In their vulnerability, Ed and Loretta share their love story. Though their fight with cancer spanned decades, eventually ending in Loretta’s death, their devotion to each other and their joy in their Lord Jesus never waned. It is not a book of magical formulas or conjectures to face life’s heartaches. Instead, it reveals the reassurance and strength that God can provide when tragedy strikes a family. May you experience God’s peace and find reassurance as you read and identify with this family who battled the horrors of cancer.

Throughout the ages, God has gone to great lengths to write His story upon the hearts of all humanity. Ed Williamson’s No Other Name reveals the heart, mind and soul of one who has discovered God’s great story and whose life is shaped by the work of a Holy God. The book is warm and powerful, an inspiring expression of the author’s own journey of faith through love, struggle and triumph. It offers a stirring challenge to look for God in every circumstance and He will be found.

Dr. Sandra C. Gray, President, Asbury University, Wilmore, KY

This book is a must-read for anyone facing a physical challenge or who has a loved one dealing with a health issue. I love the balance of the book in terms of faith, medicine, relationships and scripture. The agony, joy, pain, hopes and expectations are felt as Ed and Loretta deal with her battle with cancer. Most of all, their love for Christ, love for people, and their passion for ministry is felt throughout this insightful book.

Dr. Stan Toler, General Superintendent Emeritus, Church of the Nazarene, Oklahoma City, OK

In this moving book, Ed and Loretta Williamson share their love affair with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and with each other, across decades of ministry and a lengthy battle with cancer that finally ended in Loretta’s death. Yet their joy in the Lord, and devotion to each other, never died. I highly recommend this unflinching portrayal of faithfulness amid the ravages of terminal cancer. It is testimony and love story wrapped together. Readers will be blessed by the Williamsons’ story, and will gain courage for their own journeys as followers of Christ.

Dr. Dana L. Robert, Director, Center for Global Christianity and Mission, Boston University School of Theology

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